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Event Overview

Event Glide is proud to announce the addition of Enhancing Athletic Performance: Strength, Agility & Nutrition to the newest events within the Event Glide Success Series.

This two day workshop will create an invaluable resource for fitness professionals both regionally and nationally through the experience and presentations of some of the most highly respected and sought-after fitness professionals in the industry. The vision is to provide the best in performance education for strength coaches, rehab therapists, fitness professionals, athletic coaches, performance athletes, and any gym-goers looking to enhance their training outcomes and knowledge.  Our goal is to create the foremost event in the area of performance training in the nation.

Each attendee should leave with a passion to implement the strategies or training methodologies discussed at the event. More importantly each attendee should be equipped with an actionable plan to implement the strategies and methodologies presented within their own current programming.


  • Proven practices within strength training
  • Cutting edge speed and agility training
  • Insights on nutritional importance and best practices
  • Application of rehabilitation/corrective exercise

Here are reasons you should register now to attend the 2013 ENHANCING ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Strength, agility, and nutrition workshop:

  • Top tier professional learning: two consecutive days with a focus on the best practices and latest research and application in the field of performance training, opportunities to meet and interact with other colleagues from other complimentary fields, opportunity to hear from leading professionals in the industry, and much more.
  • Learn from the Experts: Leading professionals from the fitness and complimentary industries will present on hot topics, such as: strength, agility, speed, nutrition best practices, rehabilitation, injury prevention, program design, and so much more.
  • Have the opportunity to earn CEU’s for participation and attendance.
  • The Enhancing Athletic Performance’s exhibit hall, where you can interact with the vendors carrying the services and products you need to know about!



You really want to attend this event in Jacksonville for several reasons, most importantly, because you recognize the value this event presents; however, several obstacles lay in your way.   How do you communicate the benefits of you attending this event to your organization, management team, etc. responsible for approving your professional development requests? We recognize the constraints of budgets, travel restrictions, and other prohibiting factors, and that is why we want to help you get to Florida!

One of the best ways to get approval to attend a conference is to list the objectives and goals of attending the event and show how those objectives will be met by attending.  Below you will see a breakdown of some of the most significant objectives and goals that most attendees seek by registering for an event like this:


How the Enhancing athletic performance workshop meets your needs

Gain new knowledge of your industry and skills to enhance your work This workshop allows you to hear from some of the most prominent and highly sought-after experts in the industry.  They will highlight current trends, discuss new initiatives, define and describe best practices, demonstrate hands-on techniques, and so much more.  You will have the opportunity to learn from the best, stay current on industry topics and issues, network with fellow peers in the industry, and leave more equipped than what you came with.
Earning continuing education units for your license, certification, education, etc. By attending this event, you will have the opportunity to earn well-deserved continuing education units that you can apply towards renewing your license, certification, educational commitments, and more.
Network and interact with your peers from within the industry You will share the meeting space with your fellow peers in the industry.  This is a great way to grow your network, learn from others in the field, share best practices, grow your business, and more.
Interact and meet with exhibiting organizations and companies An important feature of this event is the exhibit hall component where several organizations and companies with relevant products and services for the industry will be available to meet and discuss face to face.  You will have access to learn about new products, new services, grow your network, gain new business opportunities, and more.
Strategic ways to save money By learning about all the ways you can save on this event, you will have a tool to demonstrate a modest investment to your management team.  By registering within the early bird timeline, you will save $100 on your registration.  Along with this, throughout the registration process, if you send a team of 5 or more to the event, you will receive an extra $50 off of the registration fee for each person.

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