A+ VCE 5.9.9 Open VCE Exams – License Request

A+ VCE Player 5.9.9 Android app has been released.

Open VCE Exams , Standard and Case Study Based exam file types from Examcollection

– Retake and Continue exams.
– Review marked and incomplete questions.
– Open VCE files directly from the Internet.
– Editable favourite remote places.
– Take a range of questions
– Take a random subset of all questions
– Take questions answered wrong a number of times
– Share exam scores

Note: Until further notice, please do not use dolphin browser to download vce files.

What’s New : 

  • Fixed: small bug.
  • Maintenance release

License Request

Download Link Mediafire : A+ VCE 5.9.9

Mirror link 1 Microsoft : A+ VCE 5.9.9

Mirror link 2 Mediafire : A+ VCE 5.9.9

Password unrar: vceplus.com

Android  GooglePlay               iOS   Apple App Rectangle


Mar 25, 2017
200,000 – 500,000
Version 5.9.9 can access:
  • Read the contents of your USB storage
  • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • Read the contents of your USB storage
  • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • Full network access
  • view network connections
  • Google Play license check

How to Open VCE Files on your Computer

VCE to PDF Converter – Files are converted in 24 to 36 hours

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  • Hari Kara

    https://uploads.disquscdn.comhttps://vceplus.com/images/ba8a75037f5b8abe3e75cd726287a93edd4c756688073c524d5985744636ee42.png Asks to upgrade to latest version when trying to open a .vce file. When i use the latest version file fixed error

    • Hi
      You can install version 5.9.13

  • Hi
    We update new version of A+ VCE
    Now, you can download version 5.9.13 on http://www.eventglide.com/?all=a-vce/

  • Henri

    Can you give me more information about this?

  • Bhavesh Nathoo

    cant open vce file on this version? what must i do?

    • Alex Smith

      There is a legal way to bypass it. Pretty simple
      (for Bluestacks)

      Install version 5.9.7 (older one),

      block (100%) any outgoing network activity for Bluestacks.exe and HD-Plus-Service.exe programs in Windows firewall,
      add any compatible vce files you want to add. Bluestacks and A+ took a bit (because they are trying to contact the server) and finally A+ allows to add the exam file and open it.
      Have I hacked anything? Not at all! Standard software, standard build in options.

      • Salim

        if we will block any activity it means android will not get internet,,right?

  • Leandro Schattschneider

    I can’t open a vce file, and receive this error: Cannot proceed, your app is outdated. Update your app urgently.

  • Ricardo García-Prieto

    There aren’t any solution for android devices?

  • Hi
    Now, A+ VCE need a license
    You should buy a license

  • Christian

    Dont works this version

  • Bruno Sousa

    “your app seems to be invalid”. What should I do?